Factory Seconds

What are Factory Seconds products?

Factory Seconds products include branded products that may have minor, insignificant cosmetic blemishes although they are in perfect working condition. These products are classified as Factory Seconds because of one or more of the following reasons:


  • The product may have a minor cosmetic blemish on the exterior of the product, as a result this product cannot be sold as a new product, even though the product is in full working order.
  • The products in this category may have been used as Display Units.
  • Some of these products may have been returned by the customer under a 7-day or 10-day return scheme.


These products undergo stringent tests at the manufacturer and retailer level to ensure proper functionality. Gobol sources such factory seconds product directly from the manufacturers’ or large branded retailers’ inventory, and runs them through another phase of ISO9001 quality checks at its state-of-the-art facility to ensure that the product is functioning at peak performance. Once the products have passed through Gobol’s quality check, they are sold to consumers at great discounts with a minimum of 6-month Manufacturer Warranty.


Why should I purchase Factory Seconds products?

Factory Seconds products are a highly cost effective option for consumers looking for branded electronics, as they are priced significantly lower, allowing consumers to take advantage of huge savings. These products are fully functional and quite reliable, as they undergo rigorous testing both by the manufacturer as well as Gobol to verify that they are in perfect working condition. So if one doesn't mind a small, almost invisible scratch, they can find great deals on Factory Seconds electronic items at Gobol. Moreover, the minimum 6-month Manufacturer Warranty ensures that there are no worries for consumers after the product has been bought.


Key Features

  • Branded, Fully Functional Product
  • Gobol Sealed Box
  • Minor, Insignificant Cosmetic Blemishes
  • Stringent Quality Checks by Manufacturer & Gobol
  • Includes All Accessories
  • Minimum 6-month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Heavy Discounts


Delivery Details

Gobol currently provides free delivery for most of its products all over India. Delivery of some products is however, limited to certain locations. For more information on delivery locations of products, you can use the ‘Check Availability’ tool above or call our customer support.

Payment Option

Visa and Master Credit Cards / Debit cards / NetBanking
Credit Card EMIs (3 & 6 months on HDFC Credit cards)
Cash on delivery
Cheque/Money Order/DD

Payment Security

PCI compliant

Verisign secured

Safe and Secure shopping guarantee


All Gobol products come with a manufacturer’s warranty or seller’s warranty. The warranty period may vary between different products and categories.

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