Carton Damaged

What are Carton Damaged products?


Carton Damaged products include a large variety of branded un-used products, sourced directly from manufacturer or large branded retailers. Gobol offers these products at highly discounted rates. These products are unused and could fall into Carton Damaged category for one or more of the following reasons:


  • Products that have been returned to the manufacturer or the retailer “un-used”.
  • Products whose “boxes may have slight wear and tear”.
  • Products that are put out as display units at retailer locations.


The products are “fully functional”, as these Carton Damaged products are subjected to strict Quality Checks first by the manufacturer, and then by Gobol to ensure proper performance. They include all original accessories and are backed by at least 6-month Manufacturer Warranty.



Why should I purchase Carton Damaged Products?


Carton Damaged products allow consumers to make huge savings on high end branded electronics as they are priced significantly lower than their brand new counterparts. They are free from any structural or functional defects, and have been repackaged after thorough inspection by the manufacturer as well as Gobol. More importantly, these branded products are a win-win for the consumer, as they are backed by 6-month Manufacturer Warranty and come with heavy discounts.


Key Features?

  • New, un-used, branded product
  • Branded Box
  • All Original Accessories
  • Minimum 6-month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Heavy Discounts


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