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Honor 7 – Floor your Senses

The three adjectives that could aptly describe the Huawei Honor 7 are – fast, accurate and effective. Coming in with a fingerprint sensor that is defined with quick and error-free responses and a supremely elegant metal exterior – this phone spells superiority with each of its specification. Read on to find out more:     Huawei-Honor-7

Design: This metal smartphone sports a dull matte finish back that doesn’t just look good but creates an excellent grip as well. The front is covered 72.4% by a screen with no branding, granting this device a minimalistic look characterized by an understated elegance. Volume and power controls are placed on the right while the speakers and the USB port is situated at the bottom edge.

Display Features: The 5.2 inch IPS LCD display comes in with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screen is optimized to consume lesser power, hence letting you derive a wholesome multimedia experience without fretting over a draining battery.

Camera: Huawei Honor 7 carries a 20 MP primary camera fitted in with a dual tone flash while its 8MP secondary counterpart works with a single tone flash. You can record HD videos by both the shooters, which means you can capture your most beautiful moments in incredible clarity. There are a number of modes to choose from, like – Panorama, HDR, All Focus, and Slow Motion among others.

Hardware and Performance: Running on Android OS v5.0 (Lollipop), this smartphone is up-gradable to v6.0 (Marshmallow). It is powered by an Octa-core Hisilicon Kirin 935 SoC processor and a 3GB RAM. The primary four cores operate at 2.2 GHz while the remaining secondary cores run at 1.5 GHz.  High-resolution videos run stutter-free and games with high-memory consumption function flawlessly as well. The aluminum alloy exterior and the L-type design enable the device to maintain its temperatures even as it performs a series of high octane tasks.

Battery and Storage: The Honor 7 derives its juice from a 3100 mAh battery which could run the phone for an average duration of 8-9 hours. An internal storage of 16GB is complemented by an SD card slot which can take in memory cards of up to 128GB.

Connectivity and Interface: This smartphone comes in with LTE connectivity letting you enjoy high speed 4G networks. There is Wi-Fi for blazing fast internet speeds, whereas Bluetooth and USB facilitate easy transfer of data between devices. Running on Huawei’s Emotion UI 3.1, the phone gives you a lot of leeway to customize it as per your preferences. You can bring in changes to practically every function, ranging from the navigation bar, motion control, smart key to one-handed control. The interface is smooth and lacks any annoying lags – thanks to a power-packed processor under its hood.

The Honor 7 is a beautiful smartphone that packs in all the essentials of a flagship device. A magnificent display, precise camera set up and an extremely able processor makes this smartphone a must buy if you are looking for a decent buy at an affordable price range.

You could save even more if you choose to buy Honor 7’s carton damaged variant from Gobol.

The phone is a brand-new device with just its external packaging damaged. It is accompanied by all original accessories and a 6 month warranty from Huawei. So, wait no more and spend this festive season with big savings and a stellar smartphone.

Sony develops PlayStation games for iOS and Android

As per reports, Sony is expected to release at least five smartphone games based on its popular PlayStation titles in the next 18 months. As per information on Japan based news site Nikkei, the games will be launched initially in the Asian market in March 2018. The company announced a new platform called ForwardWorks in March this year which was entrusted to create new smartphone titles based on PlayStation characters and intellectual property.

Sony earlier came up with PlayStation Mobile, a software platform which allowed “PlayStation certified” phone owners to download selected classic PlayStation titles. The service was available for certain Sony Xperia handsets but failed to garner much interest amongst consumers. The handheld console by the name of PlayStation Vita which supported PlayStation games, didn’t sell in large numbers as well. PlayStation Mobile stopped operations thereafter.


Nintendo, another gaming major made its foray into the smartphone gaming space earlier this year. It released its successful title called Miitomo and also invested in the hugely popular Pokemon Go, which resulted in 500m plus downloads since its release. The company also revealed in April this year that it is bringing popular titles – Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to phones soon.

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New record set: Huawei sells 100 million smartphones in 2016

Huawei, in a special event in China announced a new smartphone named Nova, but another announcement garnered more interest. The company claimed that it has sold more than 100 million phones worldwide from the start of this year. The Chinese smartphone giant has a reason to celebrate as it registered a sale of 100 million units in 2015 but this year it has already crossed that figure, with two more months still left to go.

Huawei Post

Previously, the company had claimed that it sold more than 6 million Huawei P9 and more than 1.5 million Honor smartphones. The company’s next flagship device Mate 9 will be unveiled on November 3. So, it would be no exaggeration to expect a million more shipments until the end of this year. According to reports published online, Mate 9 will come in with dual 20 MP cameras which are an exciting piece of information for smartphone photography enthusiasts. It is also rumored that once released, the Mate 9 will run on Android Nougat OS and will be powered by a mammoth 6GB RAM. Powered by the Kirin 960 octa-core processor, the upcoming flagship device from Huawei might be on par or even dominate iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy

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Google Pixel Smartphones: What to look forward to

Google is coming up two smartphones from its home stable – Pixel and Pixel XL. The two devices will run Nougat 7.0 and will sell at a starting price of Rs. 57,000 in the Indian market. The pre-orders for the phones will commence from October 13. Here is what you should know about the newest entrants in the smartphone arena:google-pixel-xl

1.They boast of artificial intelligence

Google, by way of Google Assistant is looking to make voice based artificial intelligence an important part of how smartphones behave and function. The search giant wants to build a future wherein you book tables at a restaurant, search for directions or look up pictures in your gallery through voice directions, not by tapping or swiping across the screen. By long pressing the home button on the Pixel phones, you could activate the Google Assistant and sought assistance of any kind you please. Google will try to answer your queries propped up by its machine learning capabilities and knowledge graph.

 2. They feature IP53-level water and dust resistance

The phones are resistant to water and dust to a certain level. The number 5 indicates that the devices could stand exposure to “harmful dust”, while 3 means that the phone is capable of surviving exposure to water at a low level of pressure. In layman terms, you could easily pick up calls or respond to messages even when it is raining outside as long as the exposure does not exceed the duration of 5 minutes. However, Pixel’s rivals IPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 come in with IP67 and IP68 certification respectively which keeps them a notch above the Pixel phones.

 3. Immaculate hardware credentials

The Pixel and Pixel XL are manufactured by HTC but the G featured on their back ushers in a new era for Android phones. The Pixel cousins are the first phones to be “Made by Google”. Taking the hardware control in its hands shows Google’s willingness to offer Apple a tough competition. No standard Android experience has been its Achilles’ heel for long, which it looks forward to change through its intervention in the hardware modalities in the Pixel handsets. Several manufacturers who run Android have tried desperately to differentiate their user experience from their competitors, hence in turn, depreciating the Android feel, the way it is actually meant to be.

 4. 24*7 dedicated customer support

How does a smartphone which is always ready to listen to your complaints sounds like? Cool, right! Google does just that with Pixel and Pixel XL. It has incorporated an application wherein users could share their issues and grouses with the company through text messages, screen sharing features or even a voice call. The search giant envisions addressing the complaints and continuously improving the phones’ performance through this feature. It is a win-win situation as the users will love to have a 24*7 tech support by their side. This customer-focused inclusion is surely going to earn Google Pixel some brownie points.

 5. Highest rated smartphone camera, EVER

The Google Pixel sports a 12.3 MP primary camera and an 8MP secondary shooter. The camera has achieved the highest 89 DxOMark Mobile score which is evident of the phone’s amazing photographic caliber. With the shortest ever capture time amongst all smartphones Google has ever tested, this device is ensuring practically no shutter lag while you are off capturing some high action events. Even with the HDR mode on, the speed remains, hence guaranteeing perfect contouring and color reproduction. With unlimited photo storage on offer, this phone has to be the best bet ever for all those who wish to nurture their photography talents through their smartphones.

PC sales record a dip on back of smartphone, tablet revolution

As per industry reports by research firm Gartner, personal computers shipments continued their downward slide owing to a shift in lifestyle preference towards smartphones and tablets. The total shipments across the globe were 68.9 million units, registering a 57% decline when compared to the same period, a year earlier. Figures put together by International Data Corporation put even a lower figure in their Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker report, which said global shipments were just shy of 68 million units.

According to Gartner, there has been a continuous dip in the shipments of PCs worldwide and it has continued in the eight quarter in the row.  As per the research firm’s principal analyst the dip in shipments has been a consequence of the following reasons:

  • Extension in a personal computer’s longevity due to an excess of consumer devices,
  • Weak demand of PCs in emerging markets. Consumers prefer owning smartphones or phablets to fulfill their computing needs as opposed to owning a PC.

The surveys also indicated towards the usage patterns, as far as computing devices were concerned. It said that most consumers owned and used at least three different computing devices with PCs ranking low on the priority list.

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Ahead of Diwali, Huawei launches Honor 8 series smartphones

Huawei, on Wednesday, launched three smartphones in India – Honor 8, Honor8 Smart and its first “Make in India” phone – Honor Holly 3. The phones are priced between Rs 9,999 and Rs 29,999.huawei-honor-8The Honor 8 comes in at Rs 29,999, while the Honor Holly 3 and Honor 8 Smart are available at Rs 9,999 and Rs 19,999 respectively. You could avail a 2 year warranty and a touch screen replacement guarantee within the first three months of purchase if you buy the Honor 8. The phone boasts of a 12MP dual-lens primary shooter which comprises of monochrome and RGB lenses enabling better low-light photography. It has an 8MP front camera. Running on Android 6.0, it carries Huawei’s Emotion UI 4.1. It derives its juice from a 3000mAh battery. There is a 4GB RAM letting you multi task smoothly and an expandable memory support of up to 128 GB.

The Honor 8 Smart sports a combination of a 13MP primary camera along with its 8MP secondary counterpart. It has 5.2 inch display and is sustained by a 3000 mAh battery. The 5.5” Honor Holly 3 is powered by a 3100 mAh battery and is equipped with a 13MP primary shooter along with an 8MP front camera.

Moto Z: Ultra-Thin world of Endless Possibilities

Touted as the world’s thinnest premium smartphone, the Moto Z is also the pioneer of modular mobile phones, perfecting the technology in a much more robust way than its competitors. MotoMods is like a magic wand that lets you transform your phone by a simple snap. Whether you want your phone to be a movie projector or a high-end camera, just interchanging its back could metamorphose it into something that interests you.

moto z reviewDesign

The first thing you will notice about the Moto Z is its amazingly thin frame. Made from military aircraft grade stainless steel and aluminum, this phone is sturdy, durable and perseverant. The fingerprint scanner is placed on the front while the right edge is home to three hardware controls: the ruffled up power key helps you differentiate it from the volume buttons.


The 5.5” AMOLED display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels translating into an impressive pixel density of 535 pixels per inch. The screen is protected from inadvertent scratches by Corning Gorilla Glass. Darker blacks, dynamic sunlight legibility and vivid colors enhance the viewing experience on the Moto Z.


Perfect moments do not wait for a perfect capture. That is why the MotoZ’s 13MP primary camera comes in with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus that help you in taking crystal-clear, blur-free images at any time of the day. There is a Professional Mode on the camera which puts you in control over camera settings like shutter speeds, ISO, manual focus among others. The 5MP front camera comes in with a wide angles lens and a flash as well – fit in friends with smiling faces, no matter what time the clock strikes.


Powered by a 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, this smartphone is propelled by a 4GB RAM. Play games, stream videos or send mails at blazing fast speeds without having to wait for the applications to load. Experience smooth transition between high octane tasks and never encounter annoying snags, irrespective of the tasks you decide to throw at this rock star of a performer.

Battery and Storage

The Moto Z gets its juice from a non-removable Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery. There are two variants – 32GB and 64GB, when it comes to internal memory. You could enhance the phone’s storage capabilities by inserting memory cards of up to 256 GB.

Connectivity and Interface

Compatible with 4G networks, this device features a USB C port which doubles up as a headphone jack. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a Moto Mod dock connector. It runs on Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow) devoid of unnecessary applications or software. Experience Android as it was intended to be – clutter free. Moto Actions lets you perform actions on the phone by way of gestures – open the camera by a twist of your wrist or place your phone face down to activate do not disturb mode.

The Moto Z is a perfect amalgamation of path-breaking design and endless possibilities. The revolutionary MotoMods let you transform your phone to anything from a movie projector to an amazing speaker by simply snapping a relevant panel. If you want a phone that stands apart from the crowd in every sense of the word, this one is for you.

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Nokia’s Android Smartphone Spotted on GeekBench, Specifications Revealed

When it comes to phones, most of us will agree that Nokia has been our first love. In August, reports cited Nokia executives’ claim that the company will be launching four Android devices in the fourth quarter of 2016. In late August, GeekBench had two Nokia branded devices – Nokia 5320 and Nokia 1490. Now, a new Nokia device – D1C has made its appearance on the benchmark

The Nokia 5320 is touted to be a premium device with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 powering it. As per information on the website, the D1C is a mid- range device. The latter, as per reports on the site comes in with a Qualcomm 1.4 GHz octa-core processor, Adreno 505 GPU and 3GB RAM. It is likely to run on Android’s latest operating system – Android 7.0 Nougat.

Since GeekBench is concerned with benchmark scores, it gave the D1C a score of 656 in single-core performance and in multi-core performance; it managed a score of 3120. The numbers are pretty decent for a mid-range device.

Nokia’s comeback has been the talk of the town since May when the Finnish telecommunication company granted the exclusive license to produce Android devices with Nokia branding to HMD Global.

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Bye Bye Blackberry: The Company will no longer make phones

Blackberry has decided that it will no longer manufacture its signature smartphones internally. This development came as a revelation for a generation which fixated upon the innovative smartphone technology, the Canadian giant employed on its cult devices. The development for Blackberry phones will fall upon its partners who could license the brand’s technology, while it could focus on expanding its software business. Blackberry say's no to smartphones manufacturing

According to a statement issued by Blackberry’s chairman and CEO John Chen, this step is intended towards driving profitability in the business. The move will drastically reduce the company’s expenses by eliminating the need to maintain inventory and will also reduce equipment and staff requirements. Blackberry changed the rules of the telecommunication game in 1999, when its RIM 950 facilitated businesspeople on the move to access their mails wirelessly.

Carrying further its dominating streak for nearly a decade, Blackberry devices were irreplaceable for many of its fans, making it earn a quirky pseudonym, “CrackBerry”. But with the launch of iPhone in 2007, Apple showed the world that phonescould be much more than communication and mail devices. Blackberry found it hard to cope with the throat cut competition from Apple and took a little while before it found itself at a favorable spot to compete.

At Gobol, we will strive to offer you Blackberry under respective categories we serve in Refurbished, Cartoon Damaged, Pre-Owned, Factory Seconds.

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India buying more feature phones than smartphones, even in 2016

feature plzGlobal trends point towards a decline in smartphone sales worldwide as prospective consumers are skeptical of the value they could derive from a new smartphone. India, however is defying these trends owing to the fact that it is an emerging market and the smartphone penetration rate is still low. More than 70% consumers were expected to upgrade to a premium smartphone as they attained comfort level in their current devices and the ecosystems running onto it. Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi which are known to specialize in ideating upon budget devices tried its hand in the premium segment.

2016 was supposed to be a year when smartphone shipments will pocket in a larger share of the phone market , when compared to feature phones. But, it seems the predictions have fallen flat. According to a report in Economic Times, feature phones make more than 50% of the total smartphone shipments this year. A number of reasons have gone into making this possible. First and the foremost, being feature phones are not merely calling and texting devices. They can be used to listen to music, access e-mails or take photos. Secondly, they possess ease of handling and thirdly, they have a longer battery life. With smartphones constantly ditching a majority with their battery down signage, feature phones don the role of an unassuming savior.

This post was written by Muskan Bhatia