So you think new electronics are always a better option?

Well, they might be if you are willing to shell out all your hard earned money for that brand new TV. But what if you could get your hands on that same TV, at a lesser price? What if you could get more value for your money? What if you could make your money stretch out that extra bit? Well, that’s possible now! Opting for surplus products can get you more bang for your buck.

Not too many people know about the amazing discounts and bargain deals available on as good as new surplus products - probably because not many have the access to them. People usually think these surplus or refurbished products, as they are also known, are faulty products and just write them off. Well, that’s not the case. In fact, refurbished electronics could prove to be an actual steal!  Surplus electronics, including TVs, mobile devices, stereos etc. cost much less as compared to their brand new counterparts and last as long, if not longer. Here, we are going to take a look at what do we actually mean by a refurbished or surplus ‘ products and why you should consider opting for one the next time you plan to buy electronics.

What are Refurbished or Surplus Electronics?

While the term refurbished electronics or surplus  electronics usually conjures up a ‘not so reassuring’ image of such products, it is actually an umbrella term used to define a separate class of products, that have nothing wrong with them and are in perfect working condition. It’s just that they were leftover or slightly damaged while moving through the supply chain and so now can’t be sold as a new item. This is why they have been   offered as a surplus product, and quite often they are offered with great discounts. Sometimes customers may return an item for a refund, without using or even opening the package. Such products are also classified under surplus items.


Some of the terms used to segregate such products are defined below:  

1. Surplus - Gadgets and appliances that have been either superseded or have reached end of line are classified as surplus. Such items are returned by the retailer to make room for the latest product range. These products have never been used in any way and are carton packed. 

2. Carton Damaged - Sometimes the carton of a particular product maybe damaged during transit or shipment, and may have a slight dent or blemish, which would force the retailer to return the appliance to the manufacturer. Such products are then classified as carton damaged products.

3. Demo Units - Demonstration units that are used in retail stores, trade shows or those used by product reviewers are repackaged and sold as refurbished items.

4. Factory Seconds - Products in perfect working condition, which may have a slight cosmetic blemish that’s too small to be noticed.

5. Refurbished Items - These could be used products like dealer display units, which have been reworked upon and made in saleable condition by the manufacturer.


Surplus or Refurbished Electronics: Benefits

Now let’s take a look at the various advantages associated with purchasing refurbished electronics:


1. Surplus electronics are priced about 25 percent to 40 percent lower than their brand new counterparts. This means you rake in huge savings.

2. They are just like brand new products and are in no way any less as far as functionalities are concerned.

3. Most of all surplus products come with full manufacturer warranty while refurbished products come with either sellers or manufacturer’s warranty.

4. Surplus or refurbished products offer the best value for money, which can also help buyers upgrade their choice due to the savings on it.

5. Hot-selling out of stock products might be available in the refurbished market.


Now that you are aware of the various advantages associated with purchasing surplus or refurbished electronics, doesn’t it make more sense to go for surplus items and enjoy huge savings. Besides, as one of the reputed sellers of electronics goods, we at Gobol sell all our products with full manufacturer warranty or sellers warranty as the case may be. Now, could you ever find a better deal than that? I bet you wouldn’t! So go ahead and check out our catalog or visit our store for amazing on the spot discounts.

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